Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick and Tired!

Well, I know that it has been a while since I have posted pictures. I will try to do that soon. I did want to give you an update on the Thorne Family.

Our house has had some sort of illness since the beginning of November. We have had a few days here and there where we were all feeling well, but overall we have been sick. So, here we are and it is February and Aiden has a fever and a sinus infection.

I say all that to share my frustration and just ask that you pray for God's healing hand on our house. We need some well time with our kiddos. Thank you for your prayers and I hope to update some photographs as soon as I can!

Remember, sometimes Life is just hard and frustrating, but GOD is still God and He is oh so good! I am trying to find serenity in who He is and not focus on the current circumstances. I do however, covet your prayers.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hilarious! Dylan & Alexis

This is an extremely funny story. We are at my in-laws house for Christmas. We have already opened presents, had a great dinner and are enjoying each other. We are trying to relax on the couch when we hear Alexis and Dylan start belly-laughing. I mean down right LAUGHING!!! We could hardly contain ourselves.
Long story short...Alexis had stood up and bonked her head while sitting underneath the dining room table. Then, she just kept doing it because Dylan kept laughing. It was a joy to watch. They do have fun playing together, when one of them isn't saying "mine" or "stop". It is such fun to play with cousins.
I will try to do better at posting on a more consistent basis. I get on and post a whole months worth of stuff and usually do not have time to post the fun details of it all. I want our family to be able to share the joy in the stories as well. We love and miss you all dearly.

So Sweet...

I love this. The do a lot of playing together and
truly do loved one another...for now.

Aiden Matthew

Aiden is so handsome! Check out the baby blues.
The blog was not showing all the pictures so you may
have to click on each post to see them all.

More of Alexis!

The following pictures are hysterical!
They will just make you want to smile.

This is part of the baby set she received for Christmas from Memaw & Pepaw K.
Who knows how she even crawled in there...
but she thought it was GREAT!

Alexis in her sweet monkey jammies playing with boxes.

Look real can see her eyes in the handle. haha

What else can you do in the winter when you are bored.

Daddy and Alexis opening a Christmas present.

You know...this is just how she is.
Full of life and energy! I love it!

Pepaw and Alexis opening a Christmas present!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Favorite

I just loved this one!


These were all taken at home on Christmas morning.
Alexis woke up 2 hours before Aiden so the morning was
very interesting. She loved her baby, but was scared when
it cried. We still leave it off. She likes her baby quiet. :)

Christmas Card

So, here is our Christmas card in case you did not receive one. It is my lame attempt at trying to start to figure out photoshop. Photoshop has definitely won the battle! I am incredibly behind and hope to post some Christmas memories this weekend.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa comes to Sweetser!

For those of you that do not know...Santa comes to Sweetser on a firetruck on Christmas Eve. It is fantastic. The kids absolutely love it. We loaded them up and went to Pepaw and Nana's house. We get all bundled up when we hear the sirens and head outside. It is a parade. The volunteer fire department brings out all of their vehicles, sirens blazing, and throws candy canes.
It is definitely a ton of fun!!
Aiden didn't really seem to care all that much.
BUT, he sure liked the lights!
Mommy & Aiden waiting for Santa!

Sorry about the shot! No time to edit :)

Daddy & Alexis waiting for Santa.

Fun times at the mall

Aiden loving the mall.

Alexis loves climbling on the turtle and tiger.
She was posing and asking me to take her picture!!!
So stinking cute, I don't know what to do.

Santa and the Mall

Seeing Santa was an adventure for us. We have debated and prayed about what to tell our kids regarding Santa. Some things are still undecided on what we are going to stick with, however we are going to have the Santa experience, while not overshadowing the true meaning of Christmas. Upon arriving at the mall, the lights were out in the hallways. There had been a water pipe bust and water was everywhere. We noticed that Santa was still there seeing kids if they wanted. There were "no camera" signs posted several times and I could not believe the cost of the photos. Really, $14 for 1 picture, are you kidding? Anyways, with the lights being out, they allowed me to use my own camera. We were able to take our time and allow Alexis the time to talk to him and decide that she really did want to sit on his lap. (We were not going to force our child to sit with a stranger!) It worked out incredibly for us and for the kids. It was their first experience and a great one at that!

Lego building

Well, as a kid I was an avid lego fan. Love them!!!! However, I cannot take credit for this masterpiece. This was all daddy. She watched and loved it! She enjoyed the dump truck knocking it over more than anything.

But "Roo needed powder"

Well, as you all know we have been extremely sick off and on since Nov. 10. During this hilarious episode we were dealing with severe diaper rash from the "BIG D".

Alexis came popping out of Aiden's room with powder all over her carrying her Roo animal (also covered in powder). I asked her what happened and she said, "diaper change, need powder. ouch!" It took Matt like 35 minutes to sweep all the powder up with the shop vac. :) Oh the memories!

Friday, December 12, 2008


I am going to probably wear you out by posting this all in one day, but life gets crazy! This past week we have had the flu. It has been YUK to say the least. There are a lot of pictures posted so enjoy my family. Take your time and come back and visit again if you do not get finished. You will want to see ALL the photos!

Princess Party!

She was soooo excited to be going to Emile Grace and
Georgia's princess party. My party pix are not too great
(I get busy and forget...sorry.) However, enjoy our beauty!!!
She loves to dress up. She was twirling her dress around.

Musical...I hope!

Alexis playing piano. She wants everyone to listen
and no one to play along. CUTE!!!!

Misc Pictures

At least it looks like they love each other today!

Aiden enjoying bathtime. I think it is almost time to move to the big tub...what do you think?

Who knows!?!?!?!

More Pictures

Dylan and Alexis shooting us! Dylan was definitely winning!

Alexis and her gingerbread house! She always uses the 2 fingers and is so dainty! (If that is even how you spell dainty!)

Alexis combing Bradley's hair. This is my oldest nephew. He is 20 and a sophomore at Evansville University. He is going to have a internship with the Cubs minor league team in Daytona, Florida this summer. You Go Boy!!!

Bradley playing Alexis and Aiden. He stayed a night with us and went with us to take Alexis to her first movie. She loved it. Toward the end she was becoming a little restless, but overall it was a success! They love him and sure miss him while he is gone!



Do you ever find it hard to be thankful during the holidays? Sometimes, the running from here to there makes me crazy. This year it was not so bad. Thanksgiving Day the kids and I went to my sister Lara’s. Matt was able to get off work early enough to show up before we ate at 2:00. Needless to say, I was thrilled. The food was incredible. Uncle Mikey made a turkey that was to die for. It was by far the best turkey I have ever eaten. Too bad it was not done until a couple hours after we ate…oops! Luckily, Lara planned for an army and had some backup!

Then we head to the in-laws for what is usually a great time of fellowship! This year…they were sick and did not feel like cooking, so we postponed the dinner until the following Sunday and just spent some time with them. My sister brought them turkey plates so they were able to still have a thanksgiving meal.

Saturday, we spent at my moms, where we had turkey salad and ham and some regular thanksgiving food. It was the best visit we have had in a long time. We were not overtaken by video games in every room. We were able to talk and catch up, and I truly enjoyed myself. It was nice to have almost everyone home! There are some pictures posted that I am sure you will enjoy.

The following Sunday, we watched as Dylan and Alexis decided to shoot everyone in the room with their toy guns. Aunt Misty helped Alexis and Dylan make gingerbread houses! They are so cute. Our STEAK dinners were great as well. The funny part is now we know Alexis and Dylan need their own steaks. We thought we could share, but they are like their daddy’s. And guess what...I got Grandma Humes (my mother-in-law's mom) recipe for corn pudding which is GREEEEAT!

Overall, it was a fabulous Thanksgiving. We really do have so much to be thankful for. Our families are great, most of the time :), our kids are beautiful and healthy, we have a place to live and food to eat, but most of all we have JESUS! I think He becomes even more real after you have children. You realize how much you truly have to depend on Him in every area of your life. How grateful I am that He loves a sinner such as me! We all should be more thankful.

Thanksgiving Pictures

Isn't she just precious!

Alexis and Uncle Phil playing the piano at Memaw's house. They were a pair. Singing and playing. She loved to sit on Uncle Phil's lap and let him read books to her as well.

My nieces Heather (left-who is a freshman in college) and Arielle (right-sophomore in high school).
They spent the day going to a movie they had already seen and eating taco bell, while we all had thanksgiving dinner...teenagers!

Funny Pix

These are some funny pictures of Aiden. Alexis keeps putting her dress hats on him (sad part is he seems to like it!)

Not really sure what she is doing here :)

Aiden standing tall with daddy at Aunt Lara and Uncle Mike's house Thanksgiving Day!


Alexis decided that Elmo and Monkey needed to watch Bambi. This particular day we had already seen Bambi three times. They are now watching it on daddy's laptop!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby

Alexis Grace turned "2" on November 10. We had her party on the 8 because Matt has to work late on weeknights currently. The party was a success. We had some Tastefully Simple dips, cake, homemade pie (crust even), ice cream and drinks! We just invited family because for anyone that has been to our house you know our living room cannot handle more than like 2 people.

She enjoyed eating and singing and opening presents. She was excited all day for her party. We kept telling her it did not start until everyone had arrived. When people started coming she knew it was her time to shine! She was fine until she realized that everyone would be watching her.

She loves putting money in her bank, so we had to slow that down or we could have been opening presents until midnight.
Enojoy the lovely pictures.

Her actual birthday was an adventure as well. It started with Aiden having a fever or 102 the night before and with Alexis and I receiving flu shots, then I had to take him to the doctor so I dropped her off at Memaw's for her very first tea party. My mom said that was funny. They ended up with tea on the floor and Alexis dressed up in jewelry, hat and big clothes. Mom has pictures on her phone, which unfortunately do not upload very clearly! I may give them a look.
So, all in all I am thankful that we planned her party for Saturday because we would have had to cancel yesterday.

I am so blessed even when my children are sick. Still running a fever this morning a little, it may help if the little guy would actually swallow any of his medicine. As you pray, remember my kids. Until next time...keep your eyes continually on Jesus and how He continues to bless each and every one of us. Especially in the little things that we so easily overlook.


I think this girl loves to eat! She definitely enjoyed the
chocolate ice cream! (she calls it "scream").


This is the sweet face we most generally see and the face
right before we sang to her. She does not like all eyes on
her and to be the center of attention. She also tends to
freak out a little when people laugh at her.

The little Chef

Here Alexis is make coffee or "woffee" as she so states.
This is her first kitchen that Memaw found at a Swayzee
Days for a killer deal! She loves it and often tells me she's
cooking when I want her to do something else. It is quite funny.
Shhhh...don't tell her that though.

The Cake

Well, here is the amazing birthday cake. Yes, Mommy baked the double layer round cake (shockingly remembering to cut the top of the bottom layer off with fishing line). I added food coloring to the icing and wrote on my first cake ever! The funny part is I put the writing utensil out of the end of a ziploc bag. Thus sharing a Christmas idea that I might need some cake decorating materials.
Alexis really enjoyed the Tinkerbell plates and didn't really eat cake. She liked the ice cream.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Halloween...I know a lot of people have chosen not to take part because of what this holiday stands for, however what a great testimony to have our kids go from church to church and hear other kids say..."Mom, thanks for bringing us to church." When I heard that young boy say that we were on our second hay ride at Sunnycrest. People were asking all sorts of questions and loving that the hay ride was so perfect. The weather was fantastic.

Halloween was quite an adventure for us. It all began the Sunday before at Faith Baptist "Trunk or Treat" (which was fabulous). It would have been perfect had they had nicer weather. She was able to see all of her friends and Memaw proudly paraded her around to show everyone what a cute fairy (our version of Tinkerbell) we had.

Then Halloween night we dressed the kids up and headed to Pepaw an Nana's. We had some great pictures taken and started the evening off to our first of 3 church trunk or treats. We don't intend on church hopping to gain all of the candy we can. We were heading out to have a safe enjoyable evening and see some friends along the way. We ate some free food and Alexis was a trip. She didn't care who you were, if you were big you were supposed to put something in her Elmo bucket. She would just walk to anyone and say "treat please" and if they did not was a louder MORE! Hilarious. We had an incredible evening and as tired as we were and as hard as it was the next morning to brush the glitter out of the fairy's hair. We will do it all again.

Aiden was the Baby Einstein's "Blah" dragon. That probably does not mean anything to anyone, however it does to some family members. When Alexis was little her Nana got her the book of Blah Dragon and it says "blah" over and over again and plays 2 other songs. We were on a trip to their house one time and this little girl played that book song 27 times. It would end...she would start it over. Needless to say, big sister loved the dragon brother!

Hope you all enjoy the following picture posts and remember that it does not matter what day it is we can always use these days to minister to those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Saviour. I say that is what these churches did. Took a pagan holiday and loved on families.
Love God...Love People!

Hope to have birthday party pix up soon!

Dylan, Aiden & Alexis getting ready to head out to the neighbors and begin their evening of fun!